Can Urban Air Mobility serve Urban Mobility?

Dr. Raja Sengupta
Professor, UC Berkeley, Systems Engineering
About This Event

The commerce and transportation of modern cities initially relied on the horse. Mr. Ford's mass production innovations, production of the model T being underway by 1913, heralded a new urban planning era - every urban building on a motorable road. But there came a time in the life of many a 20th century city, when it burrowed in trains deep underground or elevated on guideways. However, that's been it for the urban vertical dimension. Why did our planners and entrepreneurs not open the great skies above our cities even as we sprawled and crawled on the ground? We will discuss the value propositions of urban air mobility. The 50 miles from Berkeley to NASA AMES is 90+ minutes and 55+ kWh in a 30 mpg sedan. But models show an e-Urban Air Shuttle could be 20 minutes and 35 kWh. The balance of productivity and environmental commitment fires the imagination and we explore its challenges.

October 8, 2019
1:30 pm
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