Dr. Gecheng Zha

Director of the Aerodynamic and CFD Lab, University of Miami (UM)


Dr. Zha is the originator of CoFlow Jet (CFJ) active flow control and has been granted 5 US patents and 1 European Patent for the invention. He is specialized in aerodynamics, aircraft design, flow control, CFD (computational fluid dynamics) high order algorithm/code development, wind tunnel testing, turbulence simulation, turbomachinery aeromechanics and aerodynamics, fluids-structural interaction, and design optimization. Before joining UM, Dr. Zha had extensive experience working in the aerospace industry (GE Aircraft Engines, Pratt & Whitney) and government labs (US Air Force Research Lab). Dr. Zha’s research at UM has been funded by DARPA, NASA, ARO, AFOSR, NRC, AFRL, GUIde, CIRA, Siemens, etc. Dr. Zha received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Montreal in 1994 with FCAR scholarship from the Quebec government. In Spring of 2000, he studied at MIT as a special student in the Dept. of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He is an ASME Fellow, AIAA Associate Fellow, NASA NIAC Fellow, AIAA Applied Aerodynamics Technical Committee member, ASME IGTI Committee member of turbomachinery and wind turbine. Form March 2006 to June 2009, Dr. Zha was the director of Miami Wind research center.  Dr. Zha has 45 journal publications and 147 international conference publications.

Dr. Gecheng Zha

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