Martin A. Peryea


Chief Technology Officer Jaunt Air Mobility, LLC


Martin is responsible for the design, development and certification of Jaunt’s all-electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft suitable for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and On-Demand Mobility (ODM) markets. Jaunt Air Mobility implements a Reduced rotor Operating Speed Aircraft (ROSA™) with core patented technologies and combining the best features available from helicopters and fixed-wing airplanes. ROSA™ technologies offers several innovative features that yield the quietest, safest, and most efficient hovering aircraft than any other configuration suitable for UAM missions.

Before joining Jaunt Air Mobility, Martin was the Vice President of Engineering for Triumph Aerospace Structures, responsible for the development of advanced aerospace systems for commercial and military aircraft and positively influenced change in company strategy, technological developments, manufacturing, and cultivated new business.  During his distinguished tenure with Bell Helicopter Textron, Martin became highly regarded by the vertical flight industry for his expert knowledge in all aspects of flight sciences, flight testing and aircraft certification.  Martin has extensive experience collaborating with international partners and as Vice President of Commercial Engineering at Bell Helicopter in Mirabel, Quebec, Canada he formed networking relations with research institutions and universities and impacted industry trends in rotorcraft development.  Throughout his career at Bell, he made significant contributions to numerous development programs which also included serving as Chairman of the Product Safety Board and as Chief Engineer on Bell’s 525 program.

Martin also served on the prestigious panel for the National Academy of Science and Engineering on Air and Ground Technology where he contributed expert evaluations and assessment of technology trends and relevancy of research being performed at DoD facilities. Martin maintains key relationships within the global aerospace industry and anticipates industry trends in aircraft development.  


• ME Aerospace Engineering, Cornell University

• BS Applied & Engineering Physics, Cornell University

Professional Associations

• American Helicopter Society, Since 1978

• American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Since 1982

• Air and Ground Vehicle Technology Panel Member, National Academy of Science and Engineering

Martin A. Peryea

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