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IDEAL(Integrated Distributed Electric-Augmented Lift) is a privately funded five-year project begun in 2015 to explore the potential of Propulsion AirframeInteraction (PAI) at low speed and during cruise.  PAI uses distributed electric propulsion -many small electric motors to power an airplane while modifying the airflow over the surfaces radically changing the lift characteristics. While most researchers are using distributed power to lift the aircraft vertically -multi-copters and eVTOL – this is very inefficient, and they are missing a significant PAI opportunity.

This presentation introduces IDEAL through wind tunnel results, aerodynamic modeling, and in-flight test data. It explores IDEAL’s potential as an ultra-STOL air taxi.  Specific emphasis is on take-off and landing distance potential, cruise efficiency, increased safety at low speed and noise levels.

Dr.David G. Ullman: Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, the Ohio State University; B.S.and M.S. Aerospace Engineering; Life Fellow, ASME; Emeritus Professor, OregonState University; Keynote speaker at the 2018 Sustainable Aviation Symposium,“Electric Air Vehicle Performance Prospects: Comparing eVTOL versus USTOL”; and author of The Mechanical Design Process,6th edition, 2018; MakingRobust Decisions, 2006; What will your Grandchildren See When They Look Up?, 2018; and Scrum for Hardware Design, 2019.

October 7, 2019
8:40 am
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