How the Drive & Fly will impact the Future of GenZ

Guy Kaplinsky
Chairman and Cofounder of NFT
About This Event

After living in Japan from 2011-2016 and seeing how mass migration to urban settings has had such a negative impact on the quality of life, Maki and Guy Kaplinsky set off to solve the problem of congestion, commute and cost of urban living by taking things "off the ground" - and founding a flying autonomous car as a service. The Founders firmly believe that Drive & Fly will change the way we live by enabling people live far from the city centers and commute longer distances in less time, with greater enjoyment. Drive & Fly opens up tremendous opportunities for the automotive industry developing new technologies  - similar to the changes in the industry 100 years ago. Come hear Guy challenge the current beliefs of what is possible in mobility, why current solutions "almost" solve the problem but not quite, the exciting opportunities for the mobility and automotive market and why the only way is up.

October 7, 2019
9:40 am
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