IBM’s Exciting Battery Breakthrough

Dr. Jangwoo Kim
Researcher, IBM Almaden Lab
About This Event

Dr. Jangwoo Kim will present IBM's new exciting battery technology that can potentially hit the market within the next few years. IBM's new battery outperforms the existing lithium-ion battery in multiple measures, including the cost of active components (cobalt-free, nickel-free, manganese-free, heavy metal-free), fast charging ability (< 5min to 80% SoC), high rate capability (> 50 mA/cm2), excellent energy efficiency (> 95%) and low flammability of electrolytes to ensure the safety (f.p. > 60C). Jangwoo Kim will reveal the complex chemistry involved in the electrochemical reaction during charge and discharge of IBM's new cobalt-free battery and discuss the remaining challenges for commercialization.

October 7, 2019
1:20 pm
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